Peugeot Planet System

The Peugeot Planet System

The Peugeot Planet System framework is based on a concept of communication between the technician, the vehicle control units, brand Internet servers and possibly assistance teams and technical experts.




  • The Peugeot Planet System ( PPS ) Diagnostic Tool is exclusive to the Peugeot Network
  • The PPS Diagnostic Tool represents a viable and practical solution in the face of rapid expansion of vehicle technologies and After Sales Support ;
  • Due to its generic Lap-Top PC nature, future upgrades are cost effective and easy to implement


This tool will be used by the operator for carrying out the following types of work:



Control unit configuration and services.

Downloading control units.

Configuring vehicle and equipment options.

Consulting a repair scale in the after sales service documentation.


Vehicle diagnosis:

Guided diagnosis sessions, Peugeot Planet Diag.

Diagnosis sessions using PP2000.

Access to the electrical diagram.


Various services:

Access to after sales documentation.

Remote training.

Communication with centres and access to assistance.

Tool configuration and maintenance.